Our Latest Vintage G Plan 6250 Chair Reupholstery Projects

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair

It’s been a busy few months here at Florrie+Bill restoring vintage G Plan 6250 swivel chairs. All these chairs have been restored to client’s own bespoke requirements, with Florrie+Bill recommending and suggesting the final fabrics. We even exported a matching pair of ivory and brown leather G Plan chairs to Dubai, UEA! Florrie+Bill goes international! If you have been inspired by these reinvented design classics, please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke project of your own.

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel ChairVintage G Plan 6250 Swivel ChairVintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair


Bespoke Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair in Full Leather

A couple of months ago, a gentleman contacted me about purchasing a vintage G Plan 6250 swivel chair in a bespoke cover. He was a friend of the new owners of the grey G Plan chair I restored a while ago. He told me that he thought the chair was so comfortable and beautiful, that he too wanted to purchase ‘the’ chair – also as a surprise for his wife’s 40th birthday. What a lucky lady!

Lifestyle Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel chair in Parchment LeatherVintage G Plan 6250 before restorationVintage G Plan back view 6250 before restoration

I already had the chair in stock awaiting to be recovered, so that worked out as perfect timing!

As this chair was for a present, I made up a gift card with a picture of the chair on, so that husband could present it to his wife on her birthday. I was also sent a picture of the room where the chair was going, along with a photo of their curtains. I picked out the neutral tones, and made some leather swatches up reflecting those colours so that they could choose the leather.

G Plan Florrie and Bill Gift Voucher Florrie and Bill Leather Sample Swatches


As you can imagine the present went down really well with the wife! After some thought it was decided that the chair was to be covered in full leather, in a parchment colour, which picked out the colour in the curtain design. They wanted to keep it plain so it would sit well with any future redecoration projects.

As ever, after transformation this chair looked stunning. The leather colour looked great on this style of chair, and seemed to enhance the curves of the wings and buttoning beautifully.

The new owners were really happy with their new chair and it looked lovely in its new home.

If you would like to own a vintage G Plan 6250 swivel chair and choose your own fabric or leather, then please get in touch. We can source a chair for you and help with the design of your bespoke chair. We now also SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel chair in Parchment Leather SideSide of Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel chair in Parchment LeatherVintage G Plan 6250 Swivel chair buttoning in Parchment Leather Back of Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel chair in Parchment Leather

Custom Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair + Ottoman in Red Leather

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair in custom red leather

Over the last few weeks I have been working on another vintage G Plan 6250 swivel chair and footstool. The enquiry came to me via my Etsy store. The customer had seen the black chair we did earlier in the year and requested the same chair in a deep red leather.

At the time I didn’t have a G Plan chair in stock, but luckily I was able to source one in good condition within a week. I prepared some red leather samples in varying shades and sent these out to the customer. Upon receiving the samples, the customer decided to use a mid-tone red leather, called Bordeaux.

When I received the G Plan chair into stock it was covered in the original brown dralon and also had the original G Plan label attached to the seat platform. The chair was in average condition for its age with the base in good condition, but the castors, although functional, were showing slight signs of wear.

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair Brown before Restoring

Red Leather Samples Florrie and Bill

G Plan 6250 Chair Back stripped down

Original G Plan Label on vintage 6250 Chair

Once the frame was stripped, it went off to the workshop to begin its transformation. When the chosen leather was delivered, there was a problem with the quality of one of the hides. There were a couple of holes in one of the pieces (which isn’t unusual as natural scars are cut out of the hides) but as we were cutting such large pieces, this hide was not suitable. I had to return this hide and a new one was promptly sent back out. This delayed the project a little but couldn’t be helped.

The chair frame required new webbing, wadding, and a new foam seat cushion. Once the chair was reupholstered in the soft red leather, it looked out of this world! The colour suited the style of the chair and complimented the dark show wood perfectly.

A few weeks into the initial order I had the opportunity to buy another of the matching 6251 footstools. I contacted my customer to see if she would also like to purchase this and have it covered in the same red leather. She decided she would love to have the matching stool, so this was secured and delivered to me.

When I took delivery of the footstool I realised that the wooden base was a lighter colour than the base of the chair. So, off it went to Neil my local french polisher to darken it down! Neil came to the conclusion that the base had originally been lightened in the past. When he took the chrome support off, there were remnants of old masking tape, and the original dark colour varnish was underneath!

I was really pleased with this project and my customer was a real pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

My customer was also delighted with the result once it was delivered and unpacked. She sent me this kind message:

”We are OVERJOYED with our beautiful new chair and footstool. It is absolutely wonderful to sit in something that is so very comfortable and it fits into its new home absolutely perfectly”. – C.W + family, Surrey

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair in custom red leather footstool

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair in custom red leather front

Vintage G Plan 6250 Swivel Chair in custom red leather side

Vintage G Plan 6250 6251 Swivel Chair Ottoman footstool in custom red leather

If you think this project is pretty cool and want your own G Plan swivel chair to relax in, then I’ve recently had another 6250 swivel chair and footstool come into stock which is now available to pre-order. Please contact me to discuss further!

Project of the week! G Plan Swivel Chair

Our long-awaited G Plan swivel chair has now been lovingly restored!G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

With its rock and swivel action this chair has been described as ‘The most comfortable chair in the world’. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a truly unique version of the chair made famous by Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the Classic Bond Films. The original model number of this chair is 6250.

When we first acquired this chair, it was in a very sorry state. The original orange vinyl was faded, and split in places. The seat webbing had deteriorated and it was a little moldy. However, here at Florrie+Bill we look past the rips, tears and garish fabrics and see a stunning piece of British Furniture design awaiting to shine once more.

We thought about how we would reupholster this chair a great deal. We deliberated many times over the fabrics, leathers and colour choices – it really has been a project of devotion! The one thing that we wanted to create was a piece of furniture that was unquestionably unique.

When we saw the completed chair (sat proudly in our living room) we fell in love with it ourselves!

We settled on covering this stunning chair in sand coloured full aniline leather from Halo, teamed with stunning Andrew Martin ‘Concourse’ fabric. The leather used is hand finished to show all the patina, warts and all – which will age beautifully with use.

The luxurious deep buttoned back has been contrasted with Concourse fabric covered buttons to bring the chair bang on trend.

We have retained the original tilt and rocker swivel base, which ensures that the chair maintains its original sit. We gave this a good clean up to find all the show wood in perfect condition.

As a finishing touch we have also hand stitched the original G Plan (Ebenezer Gomme) label to the seat platform, to retain the authenticity of this product. This label was previously salvaged from the lining cloth on the underside of the chair.

This chair is a definite statement piece, and you will not find another like this!

Buy this chair

All our chairs are reupholstered to comply with current fire regulations.  Please note: The scatter cushion shown is not included.

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250 Before Restoration

G Plan Chair Before Restoration

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

G Plan Chair After Restoration

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

G Plan Swivel Wing Chair Model 6250

Original 1960’s G Plan Chair on the way….

We have an original 1960’s G Plan chair on its way to us this weekend!  This is the style of chair that Ernst Stavro Blofeld sat in, in the James Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’.

G Plan Blofeld Chair

Image source: Wikipedia.org

“In the early 1960’s G Plan introduced a large, rounded swivel armchair with wings. It was available in several fabrics, but the buttoned black vinyl version became a classic of the 1960’s. We proudly claimed it was ‘the most comfortable chair in the world'” – http://www.gplan.co.uk/heritage/

It will be ready to reupholster as soon as we have it. If you are looking for this type of chair, and would like to purchase it we can cover this chair to your requirements. You could have a charcoal vintage styled leather, maybe combine some Andrew Martin ‘Concourse’ fabric to the back of the chair? You could even choose to have the back buttons covered in a contrasting colour. To see a similar chair we did last year please look here.

Please contact us if you are interested in this item.